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7 Things You Need To Plan Your Chicken House

Whatever the coop of a chicken coop you have decided to create the right chicken house plans you must provide the following to keep your chickens happy and healthy. Here are seven things to keep in mind when looking at chicken design.

1. Space

No one likes to be packed and packed in one small room and this can be said for the chickens. Your chickens will need enough space to be able to spread their wings easily and move around a specific comfort zone. Generally you should allow about 4 sq. M. Ft (0.4 square meters) in full chicken.

2. Protection from Teachers

The chicken coop you are building does not only serve as a shelter from the elements it must protect your chickens from harsh animals. Even if you think you do not have any prey in your area think again, once you have filled your chicken you will be surprised at what your opportunity may require for a simple meal.

Depending on where you live you may have predatory animals such as spots, crocodiles, foxes, snakes, snakes, guards, and other large birds of prey. You also need to be careful about protecting your chickens from other animals such as dogs or cats, they all like to chase birds, and those things do not always end well.

3. Lights

Adequate natural light is essential for chickens as they require 14 hours of sunlight daily. Natural light inside the chicken coop can come in handy on the door, windows or skylight.

4. Shelter from Elements

The chicken coop should give your chickens a dry place to stay when it is raining or snow and shade when it is hot & # 39; hot, you basically have to give them protection no matter what the weather is in your area.

5. Diagnosis

Fresh air should be allowed to circulate freely so your respiratory health can stay well. You can see ammonia can build up quickly inside the wing from the chicken outlet and if the air is not well ventilated the ammonia vapor can cause problems in the chicken’s health. High humidity also prevents mold and flower from happening.

6. Easy to Clean

Keeping chickens means that every day after that you will have to go to the puppy for good hygiene. So think about this now before you build your coop you can have concrete floors, wire mesh, linoleum / vinyl, wood or mortar with & # 39; s really up to you, but to make cleaning easier you can add more wood, sapphire, good cleaning mulch, sand or horse bedding that can be easily downloaded and used as mulch for your garden.

7. Temperature Control

Depending on where you live you may not need to consider temperature control. Chicken & # 39; it does better at 40 to 85 degrees Celsius (5 to 30 degrees Celsius). So if your area is prone to cold winters or very hot summers you might want to consider some sort of temperature control inside the wing.

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