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Guide to Duplex House Plans

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A duplex is a building where two houses share the same wall. Sometimes the duplicates are designed to share a vertical wall. However, the house is designed to accommodate two homes, the size of which is a normal house.

During the design phase, each housing unit has its own driveway, gardens, entrance and all the other things that a house needs to be sufficient.

Plans for buildings

There are two main strategies you can go for:

Two stories: is known as a full size design. Here you have a two-story building. The plan can be in front of and behind the building. Inside, the first floor will have common rooms such as the kitchen, den, dining room, bathroom and living room. The second floor is designed to serve as a bathroom and living room.

Duplicate half: its name, this is a second-floor plan. As a complete duplicate, there are two entries: back and front. There are architects who design the house into curved sides instead of the traditional entrance.

Finding a double house

You can buy an existing house or make your own. To make the best decision for you, you need to know your needs. For example, if you are single or living with your partner you no longer need to own a large house – half a dozen is enough. On the other hand if you live as a large family you need to have a bigger house and a full duplication is a good choice.

If you are building your own house then you will need to hire a designer. The cool thing about building your own house is that you can customize it to be different from traditional soup houses. You will have to do your own research and make sure your co-worker is experienced and has worked on other related projects before.

You should be aware that duplication is not allowed in all areas. If you are interested in building a duplicate house only you should consult with local authorities to find out if the rezoning is in place.

To conclude

Double houses are a great investment and if you have the money there is no reason not to invest in them. To give your houses a unique look you will need to work with a designer who can come up with an interesting design.

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