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House plans 11×14 with 5 Beds

House Plans 11×14 with 5 Bedrooms PDF Floor Plans

House Plans 11×14 Ground Floor Plans Has:

Firstly,  2 car Parking is at the left side of the house 5.5x5m. A nice L type Terrace entrance in front of the house size 6×1.3m, 1.4×4.8m. When we are going from front door, a small Living 4.5x5m is very perfect for this house it is nice and modern. Brightly Kitchen 3×3.5m have exit door to back yard 5.5×1.5m. Dining area 3.5x4m, it is clean and beautiful. A multi Bathroom size 1.4×2.5m. The washing machine is in the kitchen, storage is under the stair. Bedroom 5 size is 3.5x5m with bathroom 1.4x3m. Stuff room 2.3x2m with bathroom 1.5x1m.

Second floor: A multi Bathroom size 1.6×3.3m. The Master Bedroom size is 4x4m, it have a big glass door to balcony 2×1.1m with a queen size bed, Makeup desk and closet, bathroom 3.5×1.6m. Bedrooms 2 size 3.5×3.5m, bedroom 3 size 3.5×4.5, and bedroom 4 size is 3.5x4m.

Floor plan Detail House Plans 11×14:

House Short Description:

-2 Car Parking and garden
-Living room,
-Dining room
-5 Bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, washing

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The Roof Tile:

Finally, The Hip roof type is made from Cement tiles (or your local roof tiles) that cover above Gypsum board ceiling . It make the house look clean and modern.

House Plans 11×14:

Similarly, to the roof border color we choose a bite dark and light color combination together with a big glass door and window to get the house look so beautiful and Modern house.

Check the Plans for more detail:

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This is a PDF Plan available for Instant Download.

5-Bedrooms 5-Baths home with mini washer/dryer room.


Footing, Beam, Column Location plan
Exterior / Interior wall Dimension Plan
Roof Beam Plan
Roof Plan
Elevations plans
3 Cross Section plans
Ceiling Lighting location Plan

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