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Modern Funeral Home Interior Design

Modern Funeral Home Interior Design

Modern funeral homes can be bright and colorful. For example, the designers of Transit Studio eschewed dark interiors and old florals in favor of white walls, modern furniture, and colorful urns and coffins. A Dia de Los Muertos-themed coffin adds an extra touch of color and design.

Greenery is Pantone’s official color of the year

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery. This shade has a natural, tropical feel and is increasingly used in home decor. This hue can be used in both interior design and exterior landscaping. For the home, you can use accent chairs in varying shades of green. You can use them in the living room, the bedroom, or in a small reading nook. Greenery accent chairs also go well with modern, farmhouse, and industrial styles.

Greenery is an especially soft shade of green, related to sage green. It is an extremely calming color and works well with virtually any decor style. The color is a perfect complement to other colors in any room and works well on walls and large furniture.

On-site cremation equipment

A modern funeral home interior design incorporates on-site cremation equipment and audiovisual technology to offer families peace of mind. Using this equipment also helps eliminate any perceived stigma a family may have. The design of a funeral home should also focus on creating a comfortable, casual environment for visitors. Moreover, it should have an easily maintained exterior property.

An automated cremation system allows the cremation of the deceased with minimal human interaction. The cremation machine is equipped with a computer, which controls temperature and oxygen. The computer controls and pre-programmed algorithms allow the device to automatically process the body. It also streamlines recordkeeping requirements such as environmental records and maintenance records.

Creating a calming atmosphere with art

Creating a welcoming and calming environment for a funeral home is an important part of modern funeral home interior design. It is important to create an atmosphere that dispels any negative stereotypes of funeral homes. It is also important to focus on a casual environment for families and guests. You should also choose a location that is easy to maintain.

You can create a more comforting atmosphere by placing art on the walls and choosing comfortable furnishings. Try to mimic the atmosphere of a living room. Adding personal touches is also a good idea. Consider the function of each room and how to best utilize the space. For example, you can use stacking chairs for comfort and convenience. They will not take up too much space and will also add color.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting is important in funeral homes, as it helps to create a welcoming environment for visitors and family members. Funeral homes should avoid overly bright light or over-the-top fixtures that might create an unsettling atmosphere. Instead, they should use more subtle lighting to create a more inviting environment.

The HollywoodForever funeral home lighting plan includes multiple types of lighting. This includes overhead lighting, accent lighting, and wall sconces. It is important to match the color temperature of each light type. Using sconce lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere by diffusing light up and down.

Modern Funeral Home Interior Design

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